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food, body, & love new from Dr. Kari Anderson.

Never has the food we eat and the shape of our bodies evoked such emotion resulting in the polarization of opinions. Food and body “talk” weirdly provides identity and community, but for many, something goes terribly wrong.

In this very vulnerable account, Kari shares her personal story, her faith and the scientific evidence revealing a “love code” that unlocks this unhealthy attachment—finally ending the exhaustive fight with food and body. Get a sneak peek look of her book!

Dr. Kari Anderson

Counseling, Coaching, and Consulting

Kari Anderson is the owner and therapist at myEatingDoctor.com, a counseling, coaching, and consulting business for eating disorder treatment. Having specialized in eating disorder treatment for 30 years, Kari has positioned herself as a respected clinician and leader in the field.

Dr. Kari Anderson

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Kari's counseling services are scientifically valid and supported by 30 years of practical experience. You will experience mindfulness based and trauma informed therapies to create an intrinsically motivated, highly skilled and connected life.

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All change is hard, but changing eating behavior for good is complicated. I will help you navigate through this process. Changing eating behavior involves the mind, body, and heart. When it comes to change this time, don't try harder, try different.

eating disorder treatment


This service includes supervision and training for professionals wanting an independent license in professional counseling or become a certified eating disorder professional or simply work with those struggling with food and weight concerns.


Keep up with Dr. Kari Anderson's life.

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Dan LeMoine
Clinical Director

We cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Kari as a human and her work. She's our secret weapon when it comes to tackling the mental/psychological side of eating

Sophia A.

For anyone struggling with binge eating disorder, The Ultimate Eating Behavior Change Course is top rate. Kari and Nancy have clearly been tracking with what psychology and neuroscience have been teaching us about binge eating disorder, and they genuinely want to be helpful. They do a phenomenal job not only instructing about IFS, ACT, DBT, and CBT therapies, but also translating them into workable techniques.

Jenny Scheid, MA LPC

I had the honor of having Dr Kari Anderson supervise me right out of graduate school. She is creative, thinks outside the box, helps identifies your strengths and develops them. I credit a lot of who I am as a therapist to her influence, teaching and role modeling. Anyone being supervised by her will be well prepared in working with clients, become competent in the counseling field and personally blessed.

Travis Stewart, MA, LPC, NCC

Kari was instrumental in my training as an eating disorder professional. Her commitment to providing professional expertise in service of the well-being of clients has deeply influenced my own work over the years. She continues to be a leader in the field of treating eating disorders and caring for people.

Benita G. RD, MC and Coaching Participant

“Kari is awesome at helping people change and find their better* selves. *I was going to say “best” selves, but I’m working on my perfectionism!”

Kari Is Offering Online Services!

Kari provides Telehealth Counseling Sessions in the state that she is licensed (Arizona and Vermont) and Coaching and Consulting services for eating disorder treatment and more everywhere (nationally and internationally) using a Zoom video platform.

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