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Dr. Kari Anderson, LPC, CEDS-S.

Meet Dr. Kari, author, licensed professional counselor, coach and consultant, speaker and retreat leader.
Described as someone who “gets it”, Kari’s has a creative passion for helping others to achieve effective, authentic and abundant lives. She’s intuitive, emotionally engaged and has an innate gifting for modeling confidence. Her personal story makes her real and relatable. She values health, family and faith.

Prior to becoming a licensed professional counselor, Kari worked in the wellness industry, her undergraduate studies at Western Washington University in exercise physiology and nutrition. Finally addressing her own eating disorder, her recovery included becoming a healer. Earning her master’s in counseling psychology at Mount St. Mary’s University in Los Angeles led her directly into the eating disorder treatment industry as a licensed professional counselor, supervisor and administrator. After her doctoral degree in Behavioral Health in 2012 from Arizona State University, she co-authored her first book, Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat for Binge Eating: A Mindful Eating Program for Healing Your Relationship with Food and Your Body. She just published her memoir; Food, Body & Love: But the Greatest of These is Love, solidifying her as a recognized authority in the treatment of binge eating disorder (BED).

Dr. Kari Anderson

licensed professional counselor

eating disorder treatment


Kari's counseling services are scientifically valid and supported by nearly 30 years of practical experience. You will experience mindfulness based and trauma informed therapies to create an intrinsically motivated, highly skilled and connected life.

licensed professional counselor


All change is hard, but changing eating behavior for good is complicated. I will help you navigate through this process. Changing eating behavior is a biological, psychological, social and spiritual process. When it comes to change this time, don't try harder, try different.

eating disorder treatment


I love helping others grow personally and professionally. This services includes supervision and training for professionals wanting state license or certificate in eating disorder specialization or simply work with those struggling with food and weight concerns.


Tamara Z.

I am so grateful we found you. You have done an amazing job with helping our daughter. She smiles, she is dating, she is eating. She is flexible with exercise. She is doing great. You are very talented and exactly what we needed.

Debbie B.

I completed Kari’s program eight or nine years ago, and even though it took a while, my relationship with food and emotional eating has completely changed. I can’t remember the last time I overate, and I don’t think a whole lot about eating unless I’m hungry. I’ve relied on food for pleasure my whole life, and while I still very much enjoy good food, it’s far from the center of my life. I attribute much of this change to the lessons I learned from Kari’s group.

Dan LeMoine
Clinical Director

We cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Kari as a human and her work. She's our secret weapon when it comes to tackling the mental/psychological side of eating

Sophia A.

For anyone struggling with binge eating disorder, The Ultimate Eating Behavior Change Course is top rate. Kari and Nancy have clearly been tracking with what psychology and neuroscience have been teaching us about binge eating disorder, and they genuinely want to be helpful. They do a phenomenal job not only instructing about IFS, ACT, DBT, and CBT therapies, but also translating them into workable techniques.

Jenny Scheid, MA LPC

I had the honor of having Dr Kari Anderson supervise me right out of graduate school. She is creative, thinks outside the box, helps identifies your strengths and develops them. I credit a lot of who I am as a therapist to her influence, teaching and role modeling. Anyone being supervised by her will be well prepared in working with clients, become competent in the counseling field and personally blessed.

Travis Stewart, MA, LPC, NCC

Kari was instrumental in my training as an eating disorder professional. Her commitment to providing professional expertise in service of the well-being of clients has deeply influenced my own work over the years. She continues to be a leader in the field of treating eating disorders and caring for people.

Industry Leader

At age 50, Kari earned her Doctor of Behavioral Health from Arizona State University. She has training in medical literacy and evidence-based treatment to offer lifestyle interventions to prevent and improve outcomes of chronic disease. Her clinical research in mindfulness-based interventions for binge eating disorder led her to co-author the book, Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat for Binge Eating. A mindfulness program for healing your relationship with food and your body. This led to making the program used in the statistically valid research available through the Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating for Binge Eating Program co-created with Michelle May, MD.

After three decades of treating eating disorders, Kari left the residential treatment setting of programs for The Rader Institute, Remuda Ranch and Green Mountain at Fox Run to open a small private practice, myEatingDoctor. Limiting her clients in order to bring her whole-hearted attention to their needs, she’s learned to balance her energies. In addition to her practice she speaks at conferences, holds workshops and retreats. She continues to write and learn and write more. She blogs for Psychology Today.


Kari is faculty for Plymouth State University in New Hampshire. She teaches Treatment Modalities and is passionate about teaching those pursuing careers in the treatment of eating disorders.

Kari is a licensed professional counselor in Arizona and Vermont; she is an approved Supervisor for the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners. She holds the designation as a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS) and is also an approved Supervisor for the same. She volunteers for the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (iaedp) at the state and national level. Kari also is a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider (CMHIMP). She is member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Find Your Solution With Kari.

Solutions that heal, change, and grow.

Faith Based

For those who desire faith-based counseling or coaching, Kari is trained as a Christian Counselor. Personally, she believes that “God is Love” and there is no fear in love. God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand, will guard our hearts and mind. Her spirituality was foundational to her own healing from an anxiety-based eating disorder. For those who do not desire faith-based counseling, do not worry, Kari believes in client directed treatment and non-judgement.

Animal Assisted Therapy

Gretel, a certified Pet Partners therapy dog, often accompanies Kari to her counseling office. A terrier mix rescued from the streets of Phoenix found her way into the hearts and home of the Anderson’s. Her ability to relax makes everyone that enters the room comfortable and brings joy to our hearts with her silly looks. Research has confirmed that dogs help to regulate our nervous system; slow our heart rate and lower our blood pressure. Owners have a special bond with their dogs for which their Hearts Align. For those who prefer not to have Gretel in their sessions, she’ll gladly stay home with her daddy.

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