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The Food, Body, & Love Program.

A Compassionate and Science-Based Solution

Jumpstart a year of self-care in 2022

“Self-care is not bubble baths and bon bons, but rather caring enough to stop the behaviors that keep you from having your best life”. Get to the bottom of what drives your destructive eating behaviors and replace them with proven techniques to take away cravings and give you peace of mind.

The program uses methods from her books.

  • Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat for Binge Eating, a mindful eating program for healing your relationship with food and your body and its Companion Workbook and Awareness Journal: Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating for Binge Eating.
  • Food, Body and Love, but the greatest of these is love

Feel better Fast! Quick start option available.

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A Compassionate and Science-Based Solution

Kari's Methods & Research

After 30 years of practice and experience in treating those with unhealthy attachments to food, she has created a revolutionary approach finding food and body freedom.

Dr. Kari uses psychological methods adapted from:

DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy)

IFS (internal family systems)

Polyvagal informed therapy and

ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy)

IPT (interpersonal therapy)

MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction)

Combined with neurobiological research on:

Food addiction

The gut-brain axis and

Eating and feeding behavior

Love, connection, and health

All this is packaged into a 21-hour program to unlock your unhealthy attachment to food.
Her personal story of food reliance makes her relatable and gives you hope for a better life. Described by her participants as “someone who gets it”.

Praise for Food, Body, and Love... but the greatest of these is love.

Awarded Honor Mention in the Writers Digest contest for self-published e-books.

” The writing voice is wonderful…so authentic and straight forward and kind of casual even thought the subject is serious”

“I love the real life stories, both her own and of her clients that fully prove that healing is possible”

“A necessary read in the world of disinformation, unique because it is solution-focused”

“The love part of this book is my favorite. It is just plain beautiful!”

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Topics of The Food, Body, & Love Program Include:

Understanding your Personal Eating Profile

The Weight Loss Dilemma

Addressing our Resistant Parts

Love, Fear and the Nervous System

Creating your Best Self

Working the 8 Steps to Self-Care

How to get Back in Charge Again

The Mindful Connection

Creating Twinkle Light Moments

Food, Love and Connection

Balancing Health Goals with Flexible Eating

Education, Self-Discovery Assignments, and Support Group Elements.


Beginning and Advanced Small Group Placement
Facebook Group for added support
Private messaging with group members


Pre-program assessment and Post recovery check list!

Two Formats:


Small Group
8 Week Program
Weekly Evening For An Hour and A Half
$449 ($50 Early Bird Discount)

Weekend Retreat.

Weekend In Scottsdale
Limited To 6 Participants
$499 ($100 Early Bird Discount)

Contact Dr. Kari Anderson If You're Interested In Her Events.


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