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Curious About Recovery Podcast: Episode 13

Check out my latest podcast with Kirsten Hunneyball, host of Curious About Recovery. We talk about my personal experience as well as the important role of love in binge eating disorders.

Gravitating Toward Love in Binge Eating Disorders

Kari Anderson has been an eating disorder therapist for over 30 years and had a history of binge eating disorder as a teen/young adult. Her career has been driven by her own recovery and research into what causes binge eating disorder and how can we best treat the disorder. She has written two books on Binge Eating disorder; her latest book is a memoir titled Food, Body, and Love, but the greatest of these is love.

In this episode of the Curious About Recovery Podcast, we explore topics around binge eating disorder, including harm reduction, heart rate variance, faith-based practice, and how to holistically approach flexibility and mindfulness in eating behaviors.

Kari has an online course that follows the content of her memoir: Food, Body, and Love: A Compassionate and Science-Based Solution to Binge Eating. Use the coupon code: hunneyball50 to get $50 off when you sign up for the course (expires October 31, 2022).

You can also join her Facebook group.

Curious About Recovery: Listen Here!

You can listen to the full podcast via Spotify and Anchor.fm.



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