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Hilton Head Health Residency

Monday, August 19th | 7:00-8:00 PM

To kick off her Hilton Head Health residency, Dr. Kari Anderson will be giving a complimentary presentation “Food, Body & Love” with book signing for Food, Body, & Love: but the greatest of these is love and its companion workbook.


Tuesday, August 20th through Thursday, August 22nd | 1:00-4:00 PM on Tuesday and Wednesday, 1:00-3:00 PM on Thursday

Workshop 1.0: Food, Body and Love: A Compassionate and Science Based Solution for Binge Eating  

Led by Dr. Kari Anderson, author and eating disorder specialist for over 30 years, this workshop is for anyone who has ever felt out of control with food or turned to food to cope with life. It is an eight-hour small group coaching intensive that targets what keeps you stuck in the cravings, binge and shame cycle and gives you actionable solutions to break free and start living your best life! Binge eating can be a very isolated experience, join this small group of like individuals and begin to transform fear into hope. Each participant will receive a workbook and be gently guided through eight sessions, including science-based didactics, self-discovery activities, share circles, and experientially led demonstrations. Some topics include:

  • Assess your eating style and learn what to do about it
  • Learn body-based stress management and how it helps you make better decisions
  • Decrease cravings and feel better faster
  • Identify and face the fear that keeps your stuck
  • Move toward a better body image

The cost is $400.00.


Friday, August 23rd and Saturday, August 24th | 1:00-4:00 PM on Friday and 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Saturday

Workshop 2.0: Food, Body and Love: Deepening your Practice

This workshop is for anyone who has been through Dr. Kari’s Food, Body and Love workshops before, read her book and workbook, or has taken her online course. Join this special group of individuals who “get it” but don’t always practice it. Immerse yourself in a weekend of renewal. Get real with share circles and practice solutions. Pick Kari’s brain on the tougher challenges presented to us on a daily basis.

The cost is $250.00.

Individual coaching sessions will also be available to book with Dr. Kari during her week in residence.

Want to learn more? Click here for the residency page on Hilton Head Health.

Check out Dr. Kari’s episode of H3ALTH Talk below!

H3ALTH Talk • Episode 10 with Dr. Kari Anderson

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August 19 - August 24
Hilton Head Health
14 Valencia Road

Everlead Theme.

457 BigBlue Street, NY 10013
(315) 5512-2579