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Moving from Fear to Love with Dr. Kari Anderson

In today’s episode of Intuitive Eating for Christian Women, Dr. Kari Anderson shares about sourcing God’s love to feel safe and the impact of fear on our relationships with food, body and others.

In this Episode we cover:

  • Kari’s experience with binge eating disorder as a preteen and getting eating disorder treatment in her 20s
  • Learning to approach food and our bodies from a love perspective, not a fear perspective
  • Her memoir Food Body & Love but the greatest of these is love and new Companion Workbook – both must-reads and part of our book club in the membership
  • Exploring body acceptance, body respect, body neutrality and body love
  • Learning to regulate your nervous system by understanding polyvagal theory and its impact on safety, fear, food and body
  • Invitation to an exclusive Zoom Workshop with Dr. Kari Anderson for our podcast listeners in January 2024

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