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Insight & Understanding

Counseling for eating disorder services are purposed to bring insight and understanding, healing and restoration, and confidence in committed action. The sessions are directed toward specific objectives and carefully selected interventions.

Building A Relationship

We are born to be in relationship. In counseling, the therapeutic relationship is the foundation of safety and from it grows a deeper relationship with all parts of self and attachment to others.


The goal of all counseling is autonomy, the confidence to manage internal and external stressors with ease and ability to connect to others for support. Ultimately, it’s moving away from and not needing the therapeutic relationship.



Creatures Of Habit

Our brain loves to automate everything for the ease of our survival. Trained as a Doctor of Behavioral Health, Kari understands what motivates people to make sustainable health behavior changes.


Coaching focuses on current behaviors and circumstances rather than focusing on the past as a source of the problem. Using skills and strategies aimed at modifying patterns and creating new ways of doing things.


Creating a “new normal” takes time and often needs the support of a coach. Coaching may be appropriate when you have “been there done that” with counseling and want a fresh approach.



Clinical Supervision for Associate Level Counselors

Kari has been training and supervising associate level counselors for over 20 years. Having an encouraging style, she fosters confidence and a passion for learning.

Supervision and Training for Certification in Eating Disorder Treatment

Kari is an approved supervisor for those providers seeking a Certified Eating Disorder Professional (CEDS) designation. She has a passion for advancing the field of eating disorders.

Program and Business Development for Treatment Centers & Private Practice

Kari provides consulting for eating disorder treatment centers desiring expert involvement for business and program development as well as staff training.

Kari's Rates.

Kari limits her individual eating disorder services to 15 per week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in order to provide the most focused and specialized care possible. She does not take insurance. She does, however, provide coded superbills for counseling services that can be used for reimbursement for Out of Network insurance benefits, Flex Plans and Health Savings Accounts.
Kari reserves her weekends for those desiring intensive options, for conference speaking, workshop or retreats. Intensive options are for those who do not live in state or desire a “jump start” to healing. Contact me for daily or intensive option rates!


$160 For 60 Minute Session
$80 For 30 Minute Session


$225 For 75 Minute Session
$180 For 60 Minute Session
$150 For 45 Minute Session
$100 For 30 Minute Session


$150 For 60 Minute Session


Jane A.
Program Participant

I attended Dr. Kari Anderson's Food, Body & Love intensive workshop at Hilton Head Health and Wellness, it was amazing. The workshop was lifechanging for me. I was able to connect my binge eating/restriction/overexercise to my past traumas and how long term it has affected my nervous system and how truly I have lived being fearful for years. We learned the skills to have compassion and grace for ourselves as well as so many mindful skills and intentional living moving forward. I absolutely recommend her book/workbook and especially the FB&L program.

Fred A.
SSP Participant

I noticed that my nervous system is calmer and can focus more easily, my startle response has decreased a lot. I went to a crowded breakfast event this morning and was much calmer and more engaged. I have more facial expressions, and my rate of speech has slowed. I feel more comfortable in my skin. I feel less obligated to do things I do not want to do. I am finding that I am wondering what I can do in my life now that my anxiety is reduced.

Jennifer M.
SSP Participant

I am SO grateful that I chose to work together with you because the Safe and Sound protocol ended up being so much more than I even hoped it might. It is difficult to put to words all that I have been experiencing since starting the protocol because I have experienced so many positive benefits. I found listening to the sessions to be very relaxing in and of themselves. I looked forward to them because they felt very soothing to my nervous system. I found my ability to allow difficult feelings and emotions really shifted and I began to be able to tolerate feelings that prior to the protocol would really overwhelm my system. My confidence in my own ability to deal with difficulty increased. I noticed that I was dissociating less in my therapy sessions, and I was beginning to get even more out of my sessions. I have noticed an increased sense of confidence and hope in my ability to heal from past traumas that have seemed near impossible for me to feel that I would even heal from. I can say that I am indeed healing. I feel more whole and happier than I have in a long time. I feel that my eating disorder has really quieted, and I feel a sense that I no longer need my eating disorder ... I am very grateful to you and to SSP for the many ways I am healing as a result.

Samantha K.
Course Participant

“The Food, Body, and Love course wove all the ingredients that I needed in order to establish a strategy to feel safe and regain my power. The cookie and I have an indifferent relationship now; I am no longer powerless. Having my power allows me to actually feel all my emotions- which is wild to experience! I’ve moved into a new state of consciousness because of Dr. Kari Anderson. I would recommend her to anyone with a challenging food relationship. She helped me create a relationship with myself that was filled with love and compassion.”

Stephen B.
Course Participant

Kari Anderson’s Food, Body, and Love course is a life-changing course, and I recommend it to anyone who has struggled with binge eating disorder (BED). Kari’s approach is different from other books, courses and plans—she approaches the participant with compassion and understanding as she shares what she has learned from experience and research. She patiently explains and reviews the lessons to reinforce what she presents. Kari’s course addresses key elements of BED which are usually absent in other programs, she directly addresses what can be challenging for those of us with BED. Kari steps us through how we can finally make effective changes not only to improve our health but also how we can reach our best potential.

Jessica Lambros, MA, LPC, Co-owner of Stories Counseling
Clinical Supervisee

I was supervised by Dr. Kari Anderson to obtain my independent state counseling licensure. Kari was incredible and offered consistency, professionalism and practical support for the areas of growth I needed to get me through to the next stages of my career. I am beyond grateful for the insight and care she provided not only for my client cases but for me as a business owner, a growing therapist and as a person. Kari has a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills and knew what questions to ask to help me go deeper in the clinical work I was doing both in my training and with my clients. She was diligent, trustworthy and intentional and I could not have asked for a better teacher in preparation as an independent therapist.

Dr. Kari Anderson


Having personally struggled with binge eating and weight stigma, Kari’s professional career is driven by a personal passion. She has a therapeutic presence that creates a safe, non-judgmental, and healing environment.

Dr. Kari Anderson

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