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Insight & Understanding

Counseling for eating disorder services are purposed to bring insight and understanding, healing and restoration, and confidence in committed action. The sessions are directed toward specific objectives and carefully selected interventions.

Building A Relationship

We are born to be in relationship. In counseling, the therapeutic relationship is the foundation of safety and from it grows a deeper relationship with all parts of self and attachment to others.


The goal of all counseling is autonomy, the confidence to manage internal and external stressors with ease and ability to connect to others for support. Ultimately, it’s moving away from and not needing the therapeutic relationship.



Creatures Of Habit

Our brain loves to automate everything for the ease of our survival. Trained as a Doctor of Behavioral Health, Kari understands what motivates people to make sustainable health behavior changes.


Coaching focuses on current behaviors and circumstances rather than focusing on the past as a source of the problem. Using skills and strategies aimed at modifying patterns and creating new ways of doing things.


Creating a “new normal” takes time and often needs the support of a coach. Coaching may be appropriate when you have “been there done that” with counseling and want a fresh approach.



Clinical Supervision for Associate Level Counselors

Kari has been training and supervising associate level counselors for over 20 years. Having an encouraging style, she fosters confidence and a passion for learning.

Supervision and Training for Certification in Eating Disorder Treatment

Kari is an approved supervisor for those providers seeking a Certified Eating Disorder Professional (CEDS) designation. She has a passion for advancing the field of eating disorders.

Program and Business Development for Treatment Centers & Private Practice

Kari provides consulting for eating disorder treatment centers desiring expert involvement for business and program development as well as staff training.

Kari's Rates.

Kari limits her individual eating disorder services to 15 per week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in order to provide the most focused and specialized care possible. She does not take insurance. She does, however, provide coded superbills for counseling services that can be used for reimbursement for Out of Network insurance benefits, Flex Plans and Health Savings Accounts.
Kari reserves her weekends for those desiring intensive options, for conference speaking, workshop or retreats. Intensive options are for those who do not live in state or desire a “jump start” to healing. Contact me for daily or intensive option rates!


$160 For 60 Minute Session
$80 For 30 Minute Session


$225 For 75 Minute Session
$180 For 60 Minute Session
$150 For 45 Minute Session
$100 For 30 Minute Session


$150 For 60 Minute Session


Tamara Z.

I am so grateful we found you. You have done an amazing job with helping our daughter. She smiles, she is dating, she is eating. She is flexible with exercise. She is doing great. You are very talented and exactly what we needed.

Debbie B.

I completed Kari’s program eight or nine years ago, and even though it took a while, my relationship with food and emotional eating has completely changed. I can’t remember the last time I overate, and I don’t think a whole lot about eating unless I’m hungry. I’ve relied on food for pleasure my whole life, and while I still very much enjoy good food, it’s far from the center of my life. I attribute much of this change to the lessons I learned from Kari’s group.

Dan LeMoine
Clinical Director

We cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Kari as a human and her work. She's our secret weapon when it comes to tackling the mental/psychological side of eating

Sophia A.

For anyone struggling with binge eating disorder, The Ultimate Eating Behavior Change Course is top rate. Kari and Nancy have clearly been tracking with what psychology and neuroscience have been teaching us about binge eating disorder, and they genuinely want to be helpful. They do a phenomenal job not only instructing about IFS, ACT, DBT, and CBT therapies, but also translating them into workable techniques.

Jenny Scheid, MA LPC

I had the honor of having Dr Kari Anderson supervise me right out of graduate school. She is creative, thinks outside the box, helps identifies your strengths and develops them. I credit a lot of who I am as a therapist to her influence, teaching and role modeling. Anyone being supervised by her will be well prepared in working with clients, become competent in the counseling field and personally blessed.

Travis Stewart, MA, LPC, NCC

Kari was instrumental in my training as an eating disorder professional. Her commitment to providing professional expertise in service of the well-being of clients has deeply influenced my own work over the years. She continues to be a leader in the field of treating eating disorders and caring for people.

Dr. Kari Anderson


Having personally struggled with binge eating and weight stigma, Kari’s professional career is driven by a personal passion. She has a therapeutic presence that creates a safe, non-judgmental, and healing environment.

Dr. Kari Anderson

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